تریستور سفینه ای 2У202Е روسی

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تریستور سفینه ای 2У202Е روسی


Silicon thyristors 2U202E planar-diffusion, pnpn structures, triode, non-lockable
Designed for use as switching elements of voltage switching devices with small control signals
Used in automation circuits of special-purpose electronic equipment
Available in a metal-glass case with rigid leads and a screw for fastening
They are marked with a digital-alphabetic code, the connection diagram of the electrodes with the terminals is indicated on the body
The mass of the thyristor is no more than 14.0 g, with components no more than 18.0 g
Type of climatic version: “UHL”
Quality category: “VP”, “OS”
Technical conditions
– acceptance of “VP” UZh3.362.022TU
– acceptance of “OS” UZh3.362.022TU, aA0.339.190TU

The guaranteed shelf life of thyristors is 25 years from the date of acceptance, and in case of rechecking of the product – from the date of rechecking
Warranty operating time
– 30,000 hours – in all modes allowed by the specifications
– 50,000 hours – in light mode
Warranty operating time is calculated within the warranty storage period

Explanation of the marking of an unlockable thyristor
2 – a letter or number indicating the material on which the thyristor is made, where the letter K or number 2 is silicon or its compounds
U – letter defining a subclass or group: U – triode thyristors
2 – a number indicating the type and operational characteristics: 2 – non-lockable thyristor with a maximum permissible average current in the open state from 0.3 to 10 A or a maximum permissible value of pulse current in the open state from 15 to 100 A
02 – a number indicating the serial number of the development
E is a letter that determines the classification depending on the operational parameters of the thyristor


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